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Our Top Recommendation
Handmade Sodalite & Clear Quartz Worry Beads

These highly recommended worry beads are beautifully handmade on a quality sterling silver chain and consists of natural blue sodalite beads in oval shape, a clear Quartz spacer bead, a crafted sterling silver shield, crafted sterling silver spacer beads and a sterling silver tassel. Clear Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer' and will amplify energy & thought as well as absorbing, storing and slow releasing that energy so that your emotional state will remain regulated. These worry beads will also draw off any negative energy giving you heightended peace of mind.

Also Recommended
Natural Antidepressants Alternative

Nexgen has a strong commitment to providing quality natural alternatives for their customers. Their ZenRx meets the highest standards of product quality and efficacy and each each ingredient must meet their quality and purity requirements. ZenRx will reduce your anxiety & irritability, improve your relaxation, reduce any feelings of panic and stress, promote increased well-being snd improve your mood & sociability!

Also Recommended
Transforming Anxiety Guided Imagery

The Audio CD "Transforming Anxiety Guided Imagery for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Chronic Stress" by Dr. Angela Bowers is a 72 minute trip into relaxation and anxiety control with an incredibly effective guided management of anxiety and stress with breathing techniques and guided imagery that gives you a powerful opportunity to effectively manage anxiety. Learn to understand how mental imaging can transform your anxiety. Relaxation is a skill and this is a powerful tool to support it!

Also Recommended
Mood Boost Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief

LES Labs "Mood Boost Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief" contains 60 Vegetarian Capsules with 5-HTP, Passion Flower, L-Tyrosine, Suntheanine, Ashwagandha and GABA which combine to make a natural calming formula to help reduce stress and anxiety. A solid alternative to pharmaceuticals the Mood Boost should form a foundational part of any attempt to wean yourself off medications that strip your mind and body of its own coping mechanisms and chemicals. Take control with Mood Boost!

Also Recommended
Overcome Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy CD

Mark Bowden's "Overcome Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy" CD is the perfect tool to get control of social anxiety. All your problems and awkwardness can be completely transformed by hypnosis utilised at both day and night to truly imbed strong coping mechanisms. This recording will result in you feeling more confident, happier in company and more accepted!

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